All accessories are handmade using natural fiber and genuine copper. Copper is known as the grounding metal for both body and spirit and is entirely recyclable without losing any of its original mined quality.

Our tools are handmade by Jim Hokett and Brad Walters using a variety of both domestic and exotic woods.


Medium Weaving Kit - Dark

Medium Weaving Kit - Dark


A lightweight and compact weaving kit perfect for travel and on-the-go projects! For those of you who have purchased a mini kit and are ready to upgrade or for those of you who have simply wanted to work larger all along! 

Included in the kit:
1 wooden 6 dent loom (measures 7x8 inches)
1 skein of cotton warp thread
1 wooden shed stick
1 wooden stick shuttle
1 pair of scissors (TSA Approved!)
1 tapestry needle
1 wooden needle
1 tapestry beater
1 illustrated instructional zine
1 FIBROUS project bag

All wooden tools are handmade and may have slight variations in the wood.

This listing is specifically for the WALNUT wood.
Also available in Bird's Eye Maple here.

Happy weaving!

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