All accessories are handmade using natural fiber and genuine copper. Copper is known as the grounding metal for both body and spirit and is entirely recyclable without losing any of its original mined quality.

Our tools are handmade by Jim Hokett and Brad Walters using a variety of both domestic and exotic woods.


medium doodle

medium doodle


4-6 week lead time
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what if art wasn’t confined to one shape?
what if it was meant to be interactive?
what if buying art was actually the beginning of a collaboration?
what if it was flexible?

  • 6.5 feet long

  • 3 feet of shapable fiber

  • 100% cotton wrapped with all natural fibers

  • hanging nails included

Bend it any way you want!

  • Straight line

  • Loop-de-loop

  • Wavy line

  • U-shape

  • Around the corner

  • To fit that one specific shape in your gallery wall

  • Keep it as pictured!

Color options as follows:

  • Neutral - any mix of white, off-white, sand, beige or grey

  • Warm Tones - any mix of peach, mustard, rust, sand, white

  • Cool Tones - any mix of indigo, lavender, teal, mint, olive, white

  • Mixed Tones - any mix of blues, olive, rust, peach, mustard, sand, white

  • Choose any 4 colors - in addition to the white base color, note any 4 colors at checkout

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