All accessories are handmade using natural fiber and genuine copper. Copper is known as the grounding metal for both body and spirit and is entirely recyclable without losing any of its original mined quality.

Our tools are handmade by Jim Hokett and Brad Walters using a variety of both domestic and exotic woods.


KNOTTY Necklace

KNOTTY Necklace

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The KNOTTY Necklace is handmade with a combination of braided natural cotton rope, copper and rose gold magnets. These necklaces, while statement in size, are surprisingly lightweight and hang around mid-chest at approximately 11 inches from top to bottom. Choose between two or three strands- everyday or statement! The widest part of the necklace measures about 2 inches on the 2-strand and 2.5 inches on the 3-strand. With a strong magnetic closure, this piece is easy to take on and off, making it versatile and comfortable for any wardrobe.

All natural fibers, no synthetics!

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