All accessories are handmade using natural fiber and genuine copper. Copper is known as the grounding metal for both body and spirit and is entirely recyclable without losing any of its original mined quality.

Our tools are handmade by Jim Hokett and Brad Walters using a variety of both domestic and exotic woods.


DOODLE bracelet

DOODLE bracelet

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This bracelet is wrapped by hand with hemp and cotton and features a bright copper accent on either end. Each bracelet has a total length of 7 inches that is adjustable and can be shaped to fit the size of your wrist. Perfect to stack or wear separately. These bracelets are overall neutral enough to be versatile, bold enough to be a statement, yet lightweight enough to wear all day.

Available in 7 different colors:

  • Teal

  • Coral

  • Turmeric

  • Blush

  • Berry

  • Cream

  • Sand

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All natural fibers, no synthetics!
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