if you are in the market for some sweet new supplies, look no further, i made a shopping list for you.

learn to weave

I teach a short online class on how to weave a necklace, a versatile workshop for weavers of all skill-levels. The techniques covered in this class are demonstrated on a small scale, but can easily be implemented on a larger scale, making it accessible and informative for many different projects! Supplies for the class are discussed in the beginning of the class, but to make it easier on you, I have a kit for the workshop listed in my shop!

The class is hosted on a website called Skillshare, which is a membership-based platform with thousands of tutorial videos on topics of all sorts. Everything from social media, marketing, Photoshop, hand lettering, sandal making, sewing, woodworking, and so many other things, all taught by normal folks just like me.

It normally costs around $12/month but you can sign up for a free 30 day trial for a limited time! As with most things, you can cancel at any time, but it's a pretty sweet resource, so feel free take advantage of it. I'd love to see your finished product!


Meghan Shimek - Meghan makes a wonderful rotating heddle wooden frame loom in three sizes (the biggest one is new!!). I have both the small and medium editions and honestly use them for 85% of my weaving. If you're looking for a beginner's loom, or if you've never tried weaving with a rotating heddle, these ones are so user friendly and designed with the smallest details in mind. I recommend purchasing a shuttle or two with these looms. Recommendations for those can be found below!

Lost Pond - The coolest thing about these looms is that many of them are adjustable. So you have your basic wooden frame loom with a fixed width, but a handful of the models they make can be extended to up to twice their width in height! Very affordable and easy to assemble/disassemble for travel. I have the crane and it's great for ginormous projects!

Jim Hokett - These looms are a minimal, sturdy design handmade for simple tapestry weaving. I have the smallest (4x7 in) 6 dent for mini projects and the intermediate (9x12 in) 8 dent and they are perfect for travel. There are three sizes that range up to 12x15 inches. I have the small looms and some of his other tools available in my shop!


FIBRESHARE - If you're not familiar with this rad organization already, FibreShare is an international yarn and fiber swap open to all crafts with a focus on fostering connections beyond the screen while contributing to the growth of the Fibre-community. I've been a member each round since it started and it has been such a treat every time. You sign up and get assigned two partners: one who sends a package to you and the other who receives a package from you! It's a great way to connect with other fiber artists and get your hands on fibers hand-picked from all over the globe!

De-Stash - After partners are assigned for every round of Fibreshare, I list a bunch of yarn packs in my shop that are pulled from my personal stash in an attempt to downsize. Each pack is anywhere from 100-300g of various quality yarns at an affordable price. All packs are priced equally by weight so the more you pay, the more you get! It's a fun and affordable way to score some goodies for both you and your partner!

Spin Yarn Weave Tales - This Etsy shop sells a delightful selection of fibers, but my favorite are the lace weight merino skeins that come in dozens of colors and varying skein weights. For those like myself who can never decide on just one, they also offer assorted colors packs in sets of three! Jo ships from Australia and helps you figure out the cheapest shipping option before you checkout. Overall great customer service!

Hill Country Weavers - As my go-to local yarn shop, this little gem is where I find many of my yarns. If you're ever in the Austin area, I encourage you to visit them down on Manchaca Rd! They also have various sales on every first Thursday of the month AND an incredible sale room with tons of steals inside! This place has almost everything you could imagine, and even some fibers you never knew existed.

Serene Fiber Arts - As if Amanda's shop doesn't speak for itself, her hand spun "Antler Wool" is hands down the dreamiest hand spun wool I've ever used. A must-have for any lover of all things spun thick & thin! She also uses natural dyes on many of her hand spun yarns, which I always admire.

String Harvest - When I have some money to splurge on some incredible fibers, I can't wait to pour through Cassie's never-ending stash of rare, vintage, plant-based, and natural yarns. She sure has an eye for all the neutrals that make my heart sing in weights of all different sizes. The AU currency conversion usually works in the USD favor, but we sure make up for it in shipping. Nonetheless, it's a package well worth the dime.

1AZCOLORWORKS - Funny name, serious fiber. These ladies sell hand spun, hand dyed wool of all weights and styles. Every skein I've received from them has been exactly as pictured and full of squish. They're also really stellar at sending out occasional coupon codes to all of their customers so keep an eye on your inbox after your first purchase!

SHOP LOCAL! If you can, look into what yarn shops are in your community. Oftentimes there might be a low-advertised mom and pop shop selling plenty of name brand yarns and/or local fibers unique to your area! This is especially cool because it means you're not only supporting the shop, but the farms where the fiber was raised! It's worth checking out to see if you can give back to your local community AND score some unique fiber.


Find all of my favorite Hokett weaving tools now in the shop! Available separately or in kits.

Tapestry Needles - Jim Hokett (wood), Clover (metal)

Shuttles - The Woolery has an incredible selection of shuttles for all different types of weaving. I have the Kromski 12 inch and 16 inch, which both work wonderfully. The wood is smooth and doesn't snag on warp strings. Annerys Alba of The Woven Craft also makes all kinds of wooden tools- find them in her shop!

Swift + Ball Winder - If you're feeling crafty, you can make your own tabletop swift via this DIY tutorial. But if you're looking to buy, I have the Stanwood Needlecraft medium sized umbrella swift + winder combo and it works like a dream. Both items come in various sizes and the shop sells them separately or as a pair. Note: if you order the pair on Etsy, you get free shipping!


Hope you find something helpful!