My name is Ellen and make handwoven fiber art, home goods and accessories in Austin, Texas. Much of my origin story is told in the Ruby Wolf spotlight video on the mentions page!

I aim to source as many of my fibers and materials from small business owners just like myself and all of my pieces are woven on wooden frame looms handmade by woodworkers around the United States. For recommendations on materials and other resources, visit my resources page.

The name, FIBROUS, is derived from the South African philosophy of ubuntu or, β€œI am because we are.”

In English, a fibrous object has inherent strength due to the nature of its individual parts working together as a whole. By melding these two concepts, FIBROUS symbolizes a hope for interconnectedness and support between craft and community, allowing life as an artist to not only be possible, but sustainable.

Aside from weaving, I spend much of my time pouring lattes, petting cats, and perfecting my fried eggs. I also travel and work on organic farms or other volunteer jobs at least once a year. Many of my pieces hang on branches gathered from my most recently visited farm in ZigZag, Oregon and my latest adventure took me to teach English and weave in Ayacucho, Peru.

For any inquiries about commissions, wholesale, stocking, or any other questions you may have, feel free to contact me anytime. Thanks always for your support!

Find me at @ELLENBEEZY on instagram