NOTHING lasts forever, but this page is here to help you take the best care of your goods while they age.

Please feel free to contact me if you have any questions or concerns about the care of your piece. I'll be happy to assist you in any way so that I can ensure you are satisfied with my work for as long as possible.


Caring for woven material is much different than other fabrics, which is indeed part of its charm. Much like your favorite garments, woven wearables will age over time. The frequency and conditions in which you use each piece may determine how it fairs the years, but I've compiled some recommendations for TLC as the time passes.

Tassels can be groomed by damping them with a small amount of water and blotting them and/or shaking them out to remove excess moisture. After the excess water is removed, they can lie flat or hang until dry. Depending on the fibers, you can run a comb gently through the threads to straighten when dry.

Should you acquire a stain on a clutch or necklace, apply a small amount of still or sparkling water as soon as possible and blot with a clean cloth to lift the stain. As always, situations vary and you may need some guidance as each piece is unique. For more severe spills, soaking the item in cold soapy water may be best. Please avoid scrubbing the weave, but rather blot to remove moisture. Hang or lie flat to dry.


FIBROUS uses 100% genuine copper in all pieces containing metal. Raw copper is often known to interact with the moisture and oils of our skin to tarnish and turn the skin green. However, this is mostly common in bracelets and rings, as those areas of our bodies are generally less dry. Because FIBROUS only uses copper in earrings and necklaces, the "green" effect has not been known to occur. The copper hardware used in the earrings is also oxidized and polished, which gives dimension and also protects the aging process.

The copper will age and darken over time (like a penny), which some people prefer. If, however, you would like to keep your metal bright and shiny- here are some tips on how to do so:

  • cut a lemon wedge and scrub it over the metal to lightly shine
  • combine a small amount of lemon juice and salt together and scrub lightly with a clean cloth to shine
  • soak hardware in vinegar for a few minutes to lift the tarnish
  • use a q-tip to apply a small amount of Wright's Copper Cream and massage to shine

Any of these methods will require the piece to be rinsed with warm or cold water after reaching the desired sheen. Fibers can then be blotted to remove excess moisture. Hang or lie flat to dry.