My name is Ellen and I'm the hands behind FIBROUS, a series of woven art pieces, home goods and accessories. This entire business was built on a hobby that I discovered in 2014 and is now my full time job, which is both insane and exciting. FIBROUS is born and based in Austin, TX but who knows where the future might lead. Being self-taught means it's my job to challenge myself everyday and I feel grateful to this community for continually supporting that kind of growth.

For any inquiries about commissions, wholesale, stocking, or any other questions you may have, feel free to contact me anytime. Thanks always for your support.

The name, FIBROUS, is derived from the South African philosophy of ubuntu or, “I am because we are.”

Ubuntu may also translate, "I am because of you." In English, a fibrous object has inherent strength due to the nature of its individual parts working together as a whole. By melding these two concepts, FIBROUS symbolizes a hope for interconnectedness and support between craft and community, allowing life as an artist to not only be possible, but sustainable.

Original music by Nathan Wilkins

Find me at @ELLENBEEZY on instagram